Accepted Position Papers

Session 1

Which Methodology? A Proposed Comparison of Studies in Real-Life, Video, and VR
Kai Holländer, Debargha Dey

Towards Work in Automated Vehicles
Orit Shaer , Andrew L. Kun, Linda Ng Boyle, John D. Lee, Raffaella Sadun

Shared-control in Wheelchairs – Building Interaction Bridges
Bingqing Zhang , Catherine Holloway, Tom Carlson, Roxana Ramirez Herrera

Passenger-vehicle Interaction in Fully Autonomous Vehicles: current and future trends
Nicole Dillen, Oliver Schneider, Edith Law, Krzysztof Czarnecki

Human-Centred Vehicle Security
James Nicholson

Combining direct and indirect control for teleoperated autonomous vehicle
Gaetano Graf

Session 2

Accident Prevention with Predictive Instantaneous Crowdsourcing
John Joon Young Chung, Fuhu Xiao, Nicholas Recker, Kammeran Barnes, Nikola Banovic, Walter S. Lasecki

The automated vehicle in the loop – A test platform for future driving
Tobias M. Benz, Thomas Rottmann, Matthias Gerdts, Lewis L. Chuang

Interaction Patterns for Cooperative movement with vehicles
Marcel C. A. Baltzer, Frank O. Flemisch

Get to the Head: Why We Currently Miss the Full Potential of Head-Mounted Displays in Vehicles
Christian Mai, Kai Holländer

Interaction with Autonomous Off- Highway Vehicles
Markus Wallmyr, Taufik Akbar Sitompul

Maneuver-based Driving for Intervention in Autonomous Cars
Henrik Detjen, Stefan Schneegass, Stefan Geisler

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