The organizing team is a group of researchers and practitioners with different disciplinary training and experience levels, who have been involved in the field of HCI, User Experience (UX), and Human-vehicle Interaction for automated driving scenarios for multiple years. Their interdisciplinary nature allows the team to appreciate the diverse backgrounds of workshop attendees and to stimulate a critical discussion during the workshop. Since 2008, many of the organizers have been involved in the organization of a series of workshops on user experience in automated driving at CHI and AutomotiveUI.

Shadan Sadeghian Borojeni is a postdoc researcher at Fraunhofer institute for communication, information and ergonomy (FKIE) in Germany. Previously she was a researcher at OFFIS Institue for Information Technology, and Max Planck institute for biological cybernetics. Her research investigates interaction techniques to support task switching and takeover situations in highly automated driving using multi-modal cues evaluated in driving simulator experiments. She has co-organized several workshops and tutorials at AutomotiveUI’15-16-17-18 and CHI’18.

Alexander Meschtscherjakov is an Assistant Professor at the Center for HCI of the University of Salzburg. In his research, he deals with automotive user interface design, user experience with autonomous vehicles, and deskilling of drivers in automated vehicles. He was co-organizing conferences such as AutomotiveUI’11 or Persuasive’15 and was an organizer of various workshops on automated vehicles (e.g., AutomotiveUI’13-16, CHI’15, CHI’16, CHI’18).

Bastian Pfleging is asisstant professor for Future Mobility at Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands) and postdocoral researcher at LMU Munich, Germany. Previously, he was researcher at the University of Stuttgart and the BMW Technology Office in California. His special research interests are automotive user interfaces, now with a focus on non-driving-related activities and the transition towards automated driving. He was involved in co-organizing various workshops at AutomotiveUI and CHI and co-organized conferences, for instance as a program chair of AutomotiveUI’17, and WIP chair in 2015 and 2016. Since 2018, he is member of the steering committee of AutomotiveUI.

Frank Flemisch is leading a department of Human System Integration at the Fraunhofer FKIE institute near Bonn, Germany, is Professor for Human Systems Integration at the RWTH Aachen University, Germany, and member of the NATO-STO Human Factors and Medicine Panel. He started as an aerospace engineer with a specialization in systems engineering and system dynamics. He spent many years in research on assistant systems and automation at University of Munich, NASA and DLR, served as the lead of a national standardization group and a technical expert in ISO TC204. He and his teams, together
with partners from academia and industry, coined the terms highly automated driving and cooperative automation.

Christian P. Janssen is an assistant professor at Utrecht University, within the division of Experimental Psychology and Helmholtz Institute. He received his PhD in human-computer interaction from UCL (2012), and MSc in Human-Computer Interaction and BSc in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Groningen. Some of his major research interests are in multitasking and (driver) distraction, including in automated driving settings. Methodologically, he appreciates interdisciplinary approaches \cite{Janssen:2015kx}, including the coupling between empirical studies and formal models of human behavior and thought. Christian is a General Chair of the 2019 AutomotiveUI conference.

Andrew L. Kun is associate professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of New Hampshire. His research focus is human-computer interaction in vehicles, primarily in speech interaction, as well as the use of visual behavior and pupil diameter measures to assess and improve the design of user interfaces. He served as the General Chair of the 2012 AutomotiveUI conference.

Andreas Riener is a professor for HMI and VR at THI with co-appointment at CARISSMA (Center of Automotive Research on Integrated Safety Systems and Measurement Area). His research interests include
driving ergonomics, driver state estimation from physiological measures, human factors in driver-vehicle
interfaces, as well as topics related to (over)trust, acceptance, and ethical issues in automated driving.

Wendy Ju is an assistant professor of Information Science at Cornell Tech in New York City. Her research focuses on interaction with automation, particularly human-robot interactions and autonomous vehicle interfaces, as well as novel research methods to understand interaction with autonomy.

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