Welcome to ubisys.org!

On this page you can find details about public activities of our research group for Ubiquitous Computing and Smart Systems within the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany.

About us

We’re hiring!

We’re hiring new team members: currently, we have 2 open positions in our group:
– 2 Researcher positions (PhD student or postdoc), linked to our FwA project (App for firefighters). Details

How to reach us

Main phone number: +49-3731-39- (+extension)

  • Josephine Mäke: extension 3334
  • Bastian Pfleging: extension 3939
  • Zina Beek: extension 3499
  • Stefan König: extension 3073
  • Lorenzo Neumann: extension 2533
  • Stefan Reitmann: extension 3019
  • Norman Seyffer: extension 2029
  • Jonas Treumer: extension 2010
  • Richard Weinhold: extension 2023