Welcome to ubisys.org!

On this page you can find details about public activities of our research group for Ubiquitous Computing and Smart Systems within the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany.

About us

Our research group conducts research at the intersection of ubiquitous / smart computer systems and human-computer interaction. We address both basic research questions and questions that arise in context-specific applications.

The goal of our research is to understand how ubiquitous computing systems can be used to support humans in their tasks and activities while keeping humans themselves in the loop and in control. Especially in the age of increasing automation and more autonomous systems, this is a growing challenge.

In our research we therefore develop and evaluate novel systems and modes of interaction that aim to improve human-technology interaction and collaboration and to enable simple, safe and positively experienced interaction.

One focus of our current research is in the field of future intelligent and connected mobility as an application context for digital assistance and automation. Here, we address various topics and forms of mobility. In the SteigtUM! project, we consider and solve informatics and interaction questions around a rental system for electric cargo bikes. In addition, we are very actively involved in research around the topic of automated driving. In this area, we are looking on the one hand at how the occupants of future automated vehicles interact with the vehicle and how future non-driving-related tasks can be supported by interactive systems. On the other hand, we explore how to design the interaction between automated vehicles and other (vulnerable) road users such as cyclists and pedestrians.

In our projects around our Feuerwehr Apps, we develop apps for Android and iOS, which support fire departments in practical operations with digital functions. This includes, for example, information on hazardous materials, vehicle information (rescue data sheets) or water collection points. The apps are used in productive operations throughout Saxony and soon also in Thuringia.

We’re hiring!

We’re hiring new team members: currently, we have 3 open positions in our group:
– Researcher (PhD student or postdoc), amongst others linked to our FwA project (App for firefighters): https://www.tubaf.org/cms/assets/3d125013-3256-4f60-8afd-40ca57d6de41?download=&
– Researcher / Team lead for our FwA project (App for firefighters): https://www.tubaf.org/cms/assets/3d125013-3256-4f60-8afd-40ca57d6de41?download=&
– Researchers as part of our SteigtUm project (cargo bike sharing ecosystem): https://www.tubaf.org/cms/assets/56ca242d-92da-461b-8f73-1362b8e61f3c?download=&

How to reach us

By phone: You can also find them on tu-freiberg.de or on one of the archived versions of that page.

Main phone number: +49-3731-39- (+extension)

  • Josephine Mäke: extension 3334
  • Bastian Pfleging: extension 3939
  • Zina Beek: extension 3499
  • Stefan König: extension 3073
  • Lorenzo Neumann: extension 2533
  • Stefan Reitmann: extension 3019
  • Norman Seyffer: extension 2029
  • Jonas Treumer: extension 2010
  • Richard Weinhold: extension 2023